visit to ieee international conference on energy technologies for future grids 2023 (etfg 2023) - wOLLONGONG, New South Wales, Australia

Dr. Amritesh Kumar, NIT Silchar (left) and Prof. Danny Sutanto, University of Wollongong (right) during  Energy Management Technologies conference session of  IEEE ETFG 2023

News | Dec 6, 2023 

The recently concluded IEEE International Conference on Energy Technologies for Future Grids 2023, held in Wollongong, Australia, proved to be a significant event for researchers, policy makers, and industry professionals in the field of energy technologies. Dr. Amritesh Kumar, a prominent figure in this domain from NIT Silchar, played a pivotal role in the conference, chairing one of the paper sessions alongwith Dr. Danny Sutanto and actively participating in the paper session presented by one of his students.

Hosted by the ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre in Energy Technologies for Future Grids in collaboration with various universities and industries in Australia, the conference aimed to provide a platform for sharing the latest advancements in modernizing grid infrastructures. With financial sponsorship from IAS and technical co-sponsorship by IES and PES, the event attracted experts from around the globe.

The conference covered a wide range of topics, including future grid energy technologies, power and energy transformation and utilization, enabling technologies, power grid planning and operation, IoT, and communication for energy technologies, and future grids with electric vehicles. The call for papers garnered submissions from authors eager to contribute to these areas of research, with selected papers eligible for publication in prestigious IEEE publications.

Wollongong, the chosen location for this conference, offered not only a picturesque setting but also a rich history and natural beauty. Situated along the Grand Pacific Drive, the coastal city provided an ideal backdrop for the exchange of ideas and networking among participants.

Dr. Amritesh Kumar's active involvement in the conference, both as a session chair and a participant in the paper session, highlights the commitment of educators and researchers to advancing knowledge in energy technologies. His contributions not only enriched the conference but also exemplified the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines the field.

As the conference concluded, participants left with new insights, valuable connections, and a renewed sense of purpose in their quest to shape the future of energy technologies for sustainable and efficient grid systems. The success of the IEEE International Conference on Energy Technologies for Future Grids 2023 sets the stage for future editions to continue fostering innovation and collaboration in this critical field.