Design and Development of Soft Interconnect for DC Microgrids using Power Electronics Interface for Improved Reliability of Power Supply.

[SERB sponsored, under Startup-Research Grant (SRG) scheme]

[PI: Dr. Amritesh Kumar]

[Status: Completed]

[Sanctioned Amount: (Rs) 32.48 Lakhs]

Feasible Coordinated Controlled Grid-connected Photovoltaic Sourced DC based Fast Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicle: Design, Development and Experimental Validation.

[SERB sponsored under IMPRINT-II (c)]

[PI: Dr. Amritesh Kumar]

[Status: Ongoing]

[Sanctioned Amount: (Rs) 186.879 Lakhs]

Involved People:  1. Nirakar Nayak 

  2.Alok Kumar Dubey 

3. Faridul Hassan

4. A. V. V. Nagaphanindra

5. Joyshankar Bhattacharjee

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