We do help start-ups and industries to design and develop advanced and cutting edge technology product in the area of power electronics. Our Lab is equipped with advanced testing facilities and all requirements to work on new technology and make it market ready.

We have developed many products from scratch in our APEC Lab that are now market-ready. Our Dual Active Bridge (DAB) for electric vehicle fast charging application has recently been developed and is currently undergoing testing for higher power testing. We have previously developed and tested market-ready products for output power requirements of 5kW and 10kW. Our team has developed four variants of driver circuits that prioritize ease of application, protection, and efficiency. We also have developed single-phase and three-phase inverters (with two variants), an interleaved DC/DC converter, and a conditioning circuit for microcontroller applications where the input signal required is between zero and 3 or 3.3.

Our product